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What our partners say

"The Quick Release Team clearly have set a high benchmark on how an event should be run. The professionalism, customers (participants) services and safety has made MMDS races in Malaysia a must participate events among the endurance athletes (locally and internationally). Keep up the good work & Be Great!"

Mohd. Rahimi Abdullah
Powerbar Brand Manager
PowerBar Malaysia



"Having worked with Melody and Adele for only a period of two weeks I was immediately aware of their friendly yet thorough style of operation. They are totally professional in their application, can be trusted to not only carry out but deliver the most complex tasks with a smile and a gracefulness that is so lacking in the events industry today.
They both worked with us on the ToB 2006 as part of the direction/admin team and integrated immediately, managing a multitude of tasks and offered tangible solutions to many of our problems.

They are quite frankly a breath of fresh air to this industry and are the perfect pair to have alongside you whatever the situation. I just wish you lived over here!!!!!!!!!"

Michael Bennettt
Technical Director
The Tour of Britain



“Over the past five years, Tribob has been closely involved in the remarkably rapid growth of triathlon in South-east Asia and watched as fellow sports management teams in Singapore and Malaysia have developed and added to the sport. The hallmarks of a high-quality team include sincere passion for the sport, personal integrity, triathlon expertise based on personal experience, the willingness to work hard, and the capacity to be flexible and adaptable in a fast-changing industry. The energetic Quick Release team possesses all of these attributes, which is why their contribution to the growth of duathlon and triathlon in Malaysia has been noteworthy. It has been our pleasure to work with the QRA team whenever we can.”

Bob Bowness

Managing Director Pty. Ltd.


“Two words, professional and efficient!”

Ricky Lew
Thule Representative



“Thank you so much for the hospitality that you gave me during my stay with you in Lumut. You worked very hard and produced an excellent race - well done! Hope to see you both again next year”

Michelle Parsons
No.1 PowerWoman World Ranking
15 November 2006
2nd Place Powerman Malaysia 2006 (Women's Elite)


"Powerman Malaysia is a truly challenging race thanks for the tropical conditions, but a really nice one organised by women (paid attention to details) for only hard guys, not for monkeys! Recommended for anyone who is keen to try out him or herself, exotic food and the warm hospitality of local people."

Erika Csomor
No.2 PowerWoman World Ranking
15 November 2006
Champion Powerman Malaysia 2006 (Women's Elite)



“For me Powerman Malaysia is:

  • The hottest Powerman Race out there (No Discussion about this one!)
  • A Race with a cosy family atmosphere on one hand, but mass participation and professional organisation on the other hand
  • The race that puts duathlon on the Asian Sportsmap

Personally I really enjoyed the relaxed and cosy atmosphere at the race hotel, we did not have to move a lot and could enjoy being with other athletes (pro's and age grouper athletes)”

the late Benny Vansteelant
No. 1 Powerman World Ranking
15 November 2006
Champion Powerman Malaysia 2006 (Men's Elite)


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